Holiday Road Trip

Before going on that long holiday road trip in your vehicle, it’s a good idea to give it a good “once over” to make sure your trip goes smoothly and without any unintended break downs. Here is a list of items to check before leaving on that 800 mile road trip: • Tires –   Check tire pressure, low or high tire pressures can lead to a blowout on the highway.  Also Check your tires for wear and replace if necessary. • Fluid Levels – Check all fluid levels and top off any that are low. If you are going on a really long trip you might also consider changing the engine oil to make sure you’re not putting too many miles on that dirty engine oil. • Inspect your radiator hoses and drive belt for wear. A busted accessory drive belt or radiator hose is sure to leave you stranded somewhere you don’t want to be! • Brakes – Brakes are something most people don’t think about until they start squeaking or become a problem. It’s a good idea to have them checked before leaving on a long trip to ensure your safety. • Windshield wipers and washer fluid – Check and/or replace your windshield wipers before you leave, they are relatively cheap and you will appreciate it when you’re driving through a rainstorm. • Headlights / Turn Signals / Brake Lights – Check all of your vehicles lights to make sure they are all working. It might save you from getting a ticket in a different city or state. • Clean windows inside & out. When driving long distance cleaning your windows, especially your windshield can keep you from having to look through a hazy, dirty windshield allowing you to see clearly. • Inspect under the hood and underneath the vehicle checking for oil or water leaks and any damage to components.  If you find any problems, fix them BEFORE you leave on your trip or have them checked to ensure they won’t be a problem. Today’s cars and trucks are much more reliable than they have ever been. Unfortunately this tends to lead to car owners becoming complacent about routine maintenance services. Something left unchecked for a long period of time is sure to bite you in the long run. On Demand Mechanic offers maintenance services to help our customers stay on track with their vehicle maintenance and will even inspect your vehicle for you before you head out on that long trip for the holidays. Book your services now at