At On Demand Mechanic we ask our customers “What is your personal time worth to you?”.  To explain this, say I value my personal time at $100/hr. and my wife wants me to fix the coffee pot.  In my mind if it takes me more than an hour to fix said coffee pot, it’s worth it to me to just buy a new one since I can get a new one for about $100.  It’s not worth my time to fix the old one because of the value I put on my personal time.  The same is true for sitting in the waiting room of an auto repair shop.  I’m not getting much value out of my personal time just sitting there waiting for my car!  The older I get, the more value I put on my personal time too.  I also put more value on my personal time if asked to do something I don’t like to do.  For example, if someone were to ask me to help them pour a concrete pad, couldn’t pay me enough.  I value my personal time way too much (and I DON’T like concrete work!).

So what is your personal time worth to YOU?

Don’t’ spend your time sitting in waiting rooms at auto repair shops.

On Demand Mechanic comes to you, at your convenience giving you back your valuable personal time!