December 2021


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Frank and Jason did an excellent job to eliminate costly labor by researching best practices to replace the blend door on our 2015 Ford Explorer over the course of 3 separate visits. The airflow is now available on the floor and defrost. Great work! Book them for your vehicle needs. Less than $400


Brenda A. 

December 18, 2016 Super convenient. Super friendly and priced right. I had been trying to get my oil changed for over a month. Could not break away from work and did not want to sit in the dealer waiting room drinking bad coffee….On Demand Mechanic showed up right on time and basically just asked where my car was parked. That’s it. No hassles, no forms, no distractions..and no bad coffee.
Stephen Tackett

Founder, The Audio Planet

January 6, 2017 This company is so amazing. I have been waiting a long time for a company as convenient as this that completely fits my busy life. I scheduled an oil change for my Tahoe and was very surprised and excited to know that the service came with so much more. They actually give your vehicle a thorough inspection and complete look over to make sure you are in good shape all around for no additional charge, which is very helpful because cars are getting so advanced that I’m not really even sure how to do much when it comes to working on my own car anymore. They evaluate all the important parts of your vehicle and let you know what to expect and what they recommend for future. They even send out reminders for when your next oil change is due. One thing that really stood out to me is how professional and experienced they are. They were very nice and showed true passion in making sure that my vehicle stays in great condition without trying to be pushy and selling parts and service that really isn’t necessary. I have had multiple car shops give me the run-around about what my car needs and charge me an arm and a leg to get it fixed that takes days most times. In fact, during my vehicle inspection, he showed me a hose that was dry-rotting and probably needs some attention soon but didn’t push me on trying to add it to what I was getting done in the first place. It was very reassuring to see someone first-hand actually help me with the overall and long term maintenance of my vehicle and provide me honest feedback as far as if something actually needs to be fixed right now or in the near future which helps me with future budgeting for maintenance cost. I asked if he thought it would make it until tax season before replacing it and he gave me his honest feedback and recommendation on replacing it so I could know if I could better afford it during tax season or if it was something that I needed to address sooner. This service is so great for my busy life and is so convenient for my schedule. Also, I found out that they also offer a service to inspect a vehicle before you buy a used vehicle which I will be using very soon actually. It is the best investement and ‘insurance’ policy for making sure the car you want to buy is not a hidden piece of junk. They look the whole car over and give you their recommendation and advice on what to expect with the vehicle and I think it’s only like $50 or something like that, pretty easy decision for me and could be the best 50 bucks you would ever spend on buying a new vehicle. Overall, this company is Excellent! Great service, convenient service, and highly skilled mechanics. I would highly recommend this service.
Brian Goodin

DC Bass