Tire Change

Description of Tire Change Service
OnDemandMechanic works with several different tire shops in the Tulsa area to provide you with tire un-mounting, mounting, and balancing services for your vehicle.  Contact us today for more information about this service.
How Does OnDemandMechanic Do Tire Changes?
OnDemandMechanic can help you with flat repair or if you need to have new tires put on your car.  Since we do not have the mobile equipment necessary to un-mount, mount, and balance your tires we will work with tire shops around Tulsa for this service.
How Do I Determine If I Need New Tires?
There are several ways to help determine if it’s time for new tires but the easiest way is to stick a quarter in between the treads of your tire with George Washington’s head pointed down.  If you can see the top of George’s head, it’s time for new tires.