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OnDemand Mechanic matches professional mechanics from around the Tulsa area with vehicle owners that need simple troubleshooting and vehicle maintenance anywhere, any time.

Once an automotive mechanic is requested, OnDemand Mechanic dispatches them to the vehicles location to perform any non-intrusive work that may needed. Clients pay OnDemand Mechanic upfront, and then we pay the mechanic when the job is completed and both parties are happy with the outcome. The best part is that OnDemand Mechanic can match vehicle owners in need with a professional mechanic quickly through our website or via text message!

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Whether you need a repair quote or are due for maintenance services, the team at OnDemand Mechanic is here to help make the process easy. Call or text us for immediate service and we will send a professional mechanic to your location!

About US

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Frank Cerrito, Owner of OnDemand Mechanic. At the ripe old age of 9, my father decided it was time for me to learn how to work on cars. My mother had just had an accident in her 1968 Camaro and my father decided to do all the repair work as he always did. That was the beginning of my love for cars and my official entry into being a gearhead!

When It was time for college, my father convinced me that “computers are where it’s at”. Of course, he was right and that set me on the path to a career in Information Technology. I was fortunate enough to work for several leading computer companies over my 30 years in the industry. I was in customer support for most of that time and became a topnotch troubleshooter in the industry. At the peak of my career in customer support, I was a Tier 3 Engineer – which meant I was called on to fly to customer sites all over the US to help work on complex issues that our field engineers could not solve. Those troubleshooting skills have served me well during my life and translate to fixing just about anything.

Latest Articles

How Often Should I Change My Engine Oil?

The general rule of thumb regarding oil change intervals has always been every 3000 miles. Quick change oil shops all over the country put stickers on vehicles every day with a 3000 mile oil change interval. Why wouldn't they?  More business for them.   I have read...

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The Beginning of a Love Affair

How many remember that moment in time when you fell in love with cars?  One of the first things I remember is helping my father build model cars.  Dad was always very meticulous and the models we built were flawless!  One that sticks out in my mind was a Model A Ford,...

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Why Should You Maintain Your Car?

It's getting dark and starting to rain.  You're running late for a dinner party with friends and on the way there your car dies and won't start.  The problem turns out to be a bad battery connection caused by corrosion that has built up over time.  While this may be a...

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Our Testimonials

“I’ve been doing business with “On Demand Mechanic” for the last year or so. They have been consistent in adhering to their initial quotes, quality services, and fair in cost. I highly recommend “On Demand Mechanic”. Kenneth and his crew are a great team to work with.”

M Anderson

“Randy did a great job diagnosing my a/c issue. Even checked some things that he didn’t have to. Highly recommend and will def continue using their services.”

Matt Louviere

“Randy was great! Walked me through what was wrong and showed me the evidence. Will definitely use them in the future!”

Patrick White

Our goal is your satisfaction!

At OnDemand Mechanic, we built our business on our ability to source and dispatch the best automotive technicians in the Tulsa area. If you need a mechanic for simple maintenance on your personal or fleet vehicles, or just want to have a consultation about potential problems that are occurring, our team is ready to help, no matter where your vehicle may be. Skip the auto shop and get a quote from OnDemand Mechanic.